Here are a few testimonials from those who have used the tools…

Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Since I started my counseling practice in 1986 I was open and willing to explore new methods that would be even more empowering to my clients–a path of healing that would be efficient and effective in a brief period of time. Since I became a student of Dr. Dale’s in 1994 I have had to look no further. Using the NPR protocol has been instrumental in the growing success of my practice, speaking and teaching career as well as my personal life. It is powerful and incredibly useful in allowing the client to focus like a laser into the beliefs, acquired from childhood, that act as obstacles to their happiness, professional goals and peace of mind. In my opinion, it is THE best method I know of for truly being of service to your client, student, participant, family member, co-worker and of course, to your self, and nothing short of miraculous.

Steven J.

Through my experience I knew the tremendous need to be able, through some procedure(s), to be able to resolve issues at the deep. (The class was) presented in a most clear and interesting manner. The experimental aspect was most helpful. Good use of integration.

Lesley B.

I found it to be inspiring and very easy to assimilate. (I best liked) the practical exercises and the easy-going way that the information was delivered.

Morgan C.

I thought the schedule was very reasonable and the location ideal. Every day was a valuable learning experience. (I liked) the way that the course progressed, so that we could achieve deeper goals as we became more proficient. Demonstrations provided great insights.

Mary R.

Patient, gentle yet strong, and focused teaching. (I best liked) the clarity, gentleness, and loving.

Dale F.

Excellent, to the point, and left no time to doubt.


Great hands on! I best liked repeating the process on different people; the case studies.

Meyda R.

(I thought the delivery of this course was) great, lots of work on oneself but that’s what we need, or at least I do. I best liked the tools (we learned to use).

Emmy A.

I decided to take this course to take full responsibility of my life, in all areas of my life. Everything I experienced, I enjoyed it all. It was great. I can’t think of any way it could be improved.

Norma W.

It was wonderful-I was completely immersed. It was well laid out. I feel great about using the tools they have given us in this course. I suppose everything can be improved in life-but I don’t know how you could improve this course-it’s wonderful!

Michelle Z.

The training exceeded my expectations. I honestly am a different person. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of great and useful information.

Al P.

Don’t change anything…the experience was excellent. The information is very valuable. This course was well planned and executed. No changes will improve this course. Great job. Thanks.

Margaret Gennaro, M.D., F.A.A.P.

I am impressed with Dr. Dale’s tremendous depth of knowledge. Her passion for helping others heal and for teaching us self-empowerment are an inspiration. She is truly a pioneer in holistic health!

Lisa R.

I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful work in creating such a unique, enpowering and inspiring program. It’s almost difficult finding the right words that express how this was exactly what I have been asking spirit to help me find. (My) healing practice…has been missing a very important piece of what I have been wanting to assist others with and taking your training was that missing piece. I have to tell you so far I am having wonderful feedback from those I have already worked with and they are sending others to me like crazy, I am soo excited about this work!! Finally my purpose has the clarity I was searching for.

Tracy F.

Dr. Dale’s teachings were exactly what I’d been seeking to gain a more holistic, energetic perspective on healing. What I had not expected were the huge changes in my life since her classes…it is if every facet of my life has altered..and in many unexpected ways. It’s as if my perceptions are much keener, my energy higher, my appetite has even increased (don’t know if I wanted that one!) and big changes are taking place in all facets of my life. This flow of energies is undeniable and I just want to be there to assist others now in their healing. What an honor!

Using Dr. Dale’s NPR has already relieved my son of an asthma attack in 20 minutes, quickly relieved someone who had been constipated for 2 weeks, helped a friend quickly get over an old relationship that she could never seem to shake for over 2 years, to mention a few.

Dr. Dale, thank you for coming to Santa Cruz and sharing your gifts and knowledge!

Lynne S.

Just to let you know how grateful I am for being able to experience this past week’s transformative Holistic Health Practitioner Training in Santa Barbara! It was truly an extraordinary learning experience that I know will profoundly impact my life on many levels (professionally and personally). Thank you, Theresa, for your amazing wisdom and insight in creating such powerful tools and processes that have the potential to revolutionize the lives of people across the planet! It is a great privilege for me to now become a part of expanding your vision as I integrate this knowledge and step into my role as a Holistic Health Practitioner. I…send you universal support to continue to manifest your various goals and intentions to expand your work.

Natalie Budnick

When you forget the whys-“Why this? Why that?”- it’s so liberating. You really start accomplishing things. Instead of wasting your energy analyzing why and how. Just get out there and say, “This is what I’m going to do” and do it. I feel so lucky! I want everyone to know how to feel like I feel right now and that they can do this on their own. People can learn these techniques and do this for themselves.

Geoffrey Rose

Self-Development Trainer

There are things we can manifest using these techniques that-given the kind of education we’ve all had-don’t seem possible. I was amazed at the speed at which I found I was able to do my own growth work. After many years of psychotherapy and psychoanalytic training, I was starting to feel like that process was simply going to take forever, that it was going to be perpetual. In my very first session with the Holistic Health Practitioner Training, I tackled three or four major issues that had eluded me throughout my entire psychotherapeutic experience-deep, deep issues that I couldn’t believe were under there after all of my experience with self-help and personal growth work. And it was fast. My head was spinning after the first session. I was feeling, My god, this is amazing stuff!

Dr. James Julian, M.D.

Practitioner of general preventive medicine for 38 years

The Holistic Health Practitioner Training puts tools in people’s hands where they can actually use their own mind and their own body to find out what isn’t ideal for them and how to change it-how to find the things that are ideal for them and how to go about achieving them. On a personal level, it’s allowed me to address areas in my life that I haven’t taken the time to address. Even though I keep myself healthy and strong and all that, there are areas of my life that I’ve put off addressing. This program has been constructed in such a way that you want to go look now, and you don’t mind looking because you know you’re going to find some way to not only find the source of the problem, but also to change what you want to change. And the thing is, it’s easy and it’s fun. I’m very happy to tell people, “Look, this is easy. Anybody can do it.”

Cathy Young

What brought me to the Holistic Health Practitioner Training was my allergies, my asthma. I’ve had severe asthma for several years. And I had given my power away to the medical profession, going from clinic to clinic, doctor to doctor, getting all kinds of testing, taking lots and lots of medications. I had been dragging around a pulmonary machine to breathe with which I couldn’t be away from for more than a few hours. I was able to take my own power back and in two days completely eliminate my asthma. Last night I danced for over an hour and a half and I didn’t even get short of breath. I want other people to realize what they can do with their own power.

Stephanie Palen

As a mom, I wanted to instill confidence in my kids, but I was not, up until this point, always confident. And I realized, “Gee, my kids are reflecting me and I’m reflecting them.” And I didn’t know how to work with that, so I worked against it. With this course I learned how to really feel, whereas before I resisted – I didn’t know how and I didn’t want to. This gave me the security to feel-that it’s okay. Before my mind was whirling, going a thousand miles an hour. But the very first exercise quieted me down so I was able to focus. Having a clear mind cleared my direction so I could see where I was going; and I could create what I wanted to. Now I’m serene. I’m confident. This isn’t going away. I’ve taken quite a few other courses in the past, and the excitement quickly faded. But this is with me forever.