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Nutraceutical Consultant

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    Nutraceutical Consultant

    Certificate Program
    Distance Education: On-line
    Total Hours: 48 hours
    Completion Time: 6 months
    Entry Level


    • To learn the basics of sound nutrition and maintaining good health.
    • To educate yourself and others in the area of proper nutritional needs.


    A thorough understanding of the body's functional mechanisms will lead to a greater comprehension of the material presented to you. The following curriculum will cover the essential basics about good nutrition and how our emotions and sense of harmony can help heal us.

    Detoxification Pathways and Pathogens
    Various methods of lymph drainage will be also be discussed.

    Five Element Theory:  Each element is correlated with an emotion, an organ, and a season to establish a balance of our surroundings and a harmony within us.  Explore the intricacies of Chinese Five Element Theory Ð from its inception 5000 years ago to its role in modern-day acupuncture techniques. 

    Vitamins and Antioxidants:  Learn the function of each vitamin within the body, as well as recommended daily doses and symptoms of deficiency.  The advantages of natural versus synthetic supplements will be discussed. Exposure to free radicals can advance the aging process and be detrimental to your health.  Find out how antioxidants can lead you through a longer, healthier life!

    Amino acids are the currency of the body.  Through a series of reactions, they assume responsibility for supplying the energy we need for proper functioning.  A complete knowledge of these processes will enable you to isolate the mechanism behind any energy deficiency!

    Minerals act as catalysts for biological reactions including muscle movements, hormone production, and the transmission of messages through the nervous system.  Here you will study the role each mineral plays within the body, as well as the symptoms of mineral deficiency.

    Nutraceuticals:  Through a number of modern studies you will explore the biological aging process of the body in detail, as well as ways to prevent it.

    Professional Nutritional Assessment Test:  You will learn to utilize this tool to determine the nutritional needs of your clients.

    Required reading list is available online.

    Instructor:  Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.

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