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Neuro Endocrine Intro.

NeuroEndocrine Regulation & Anti-Aging Certification

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    Distance education by Audio CD's and Workbook on CD. (8 hours)
    Residential Seminar (Two Days hands-on, 16 hours)
    Pre-requisites: See page 3.

    There is a test for competency after the completion of each seminar and before the Certificate is issued.
    This three-day seminar offers Comprehensive Functional Research Based Nutritional Education using Blood Testing Optimal Reference Ranges. You will also be learning the Advanced 5 Element Saliva Test Panel for Hormone Assessment.

    Learn proven protocols to address your most difficult cases incorporating the following tools.

    • Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation

    • Blood Testing Assessment Using Optimal Reference Ranges

    • 5 Element Saliva Test Assessment using Optimal Reference Ranges

    • Functional Nutritional and Herbal Detoxification and Healing.

    • NeuroPhysical Testing
    Day 1: 8 hours.
    • Reading the signs of physical and mental health related to nutritional deficiencies.

    • Menopause & Andropause: learn to correct any hormone imbalance naturally.

    • Awaken and detoxify the endocrine system after HRT or BHRT.

    • Understanding Autoimmune Disease: Thyroid, Adrenal & Neuroendocrine Axis.

    • Immune health, emotions, food intolerances, virus, bacteria and parasites.

    • Neurological optimization through understanding and correcting methylation and hepatic glutathione pathway function.

    • Regenerate and balance the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis (HPA).

    Day 2:  8 hours.

    The second day you will learn the following.

    • Detoxification protocols for heavy metal toxicity, chemical poisoning and Parasites. 

    • Proven protocol for Cardiovascular Disease

    • Address specific pathology with combination homeopathic formulas, herbs and orthomolecular nutrition.

    • Learn Therapy Localization:  An advanced hands-on Neurophysical Testing protocol to validate the accuracy of ANY test result.  You will learn to individually test clients/patients for precise dosage, treatment & therapy time (Includes Testing Filter Vials). Neurophysical Testing has proven to be reproducible.

    Instructor: Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP

    2016 School Performance Fact Sheet

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