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Homepathic Endocrinology

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    Reading List
    Certificate Program

    Format: On-line
    Total Hours: 250
    Completion Time: 24 months

    Prerequisites: Licensed Health Providers Only


    The curriculum below will be completed online.  Testing will be completed online after reading the suggested books for each session, as well as reading the course materials provided.  The test questions will be taken both from the books on the reading list and from the course materials.


    You will learn the interconnected function of the endocrine system and understand the Krebs cycle.  Information and research about patient/client endocrine assessment using saliva testing, blood testing, as well as, urine testing are presented.


    The history of homeopathy, a complete understanding of homeopathic ingredients and potencies are essential to become competent in determining the correct homeopathic therapy.

    History of Using Homeopathic Sarcodes

    An overview, as well as, the efficacy of using homeopathically prepared sarcodes

    The use of Homeopathic Sarcodes in hormone re-education and rejuvenation therapy.

    An overview of homeopathically prepared sarcodes from hormones.

    History of Using Homeopathic Nosodes

    You will learn about the efficacy of using and recommending homeopathic nosodes and how they work to neutralize genetic disease traits and miasms.  In addition, you will also learn

    • an overview of homeopathic nosodes, what they are, when to use them and

    how they target a disease or pathology and neutralize it.

    Combining Classical Remedies, Nosodes and Sarcodes

    Discover the efficacy of using classical and complex homeopathy.

    Homeopathic Nosodes Combined with Sarcodes

    Assessing and healing a degenerative disease or infection and its relationship to hormonal imbalance.

    Repressed Emotions Effect Hormonal Production

    The Five Element Theory is a key to help identify the core energy pattern that anchors a disease and is a cause of blocked neurotransmitters, hormones and thus meridians.

    The Neuro-Emotional Survey: What it is and how to use it with patients.

    The Nine Causes of Endocrine Breakdown

    Includes Treatment Protocol Instructor:

    Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.
    Certified Clinical Nutritionist
    Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner
    BioEnergetic Medical Consultant

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    2016 Annual Report

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