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Energy Medicine Practitioner

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    Course Title: Energy Medicine Practitioner

    Certificate Program
    Format: Residential
    Total Hours: 64
    Completion Time: 12 months
    Entry Level


    Energy Medicine Practitioner – An Integrated Approach to Health Care Using Energy Medicine

    In our world today more and more people have a desire for natural healing with energy medicine. It has been said the biggest advances in medicine in the next 10 years will be in the area of energy medicine so these are exciting times.

    Our comprehensive training encompasses foundational and advanced education which will empower the practitioner to succeed in their mission and purpose of being part of the global holistic healing revolution.

    This two module course is designed for those people wishing to gain knowledge of energy medicine in order to teach meditation, facilitate healing circles and offering other aspects of energy healing.

    Energy medicine is one of the oldest interventions and this program has evolved from work started in the 1950’s in England by world renown energy healer Harry Edwards.

    A comprehensive range of topics enables the practitioner to gain skills and knowledge for their own healing and to be able to teach others within their practice.

    After completion, the practitioner will receive a Diploma/Certificate of Attendance

    The training is experiential, informative and fun!

    Module 1

    Using a “building block” approach this module is the foundation of the training and by the end of this section, attendes will be able to apply energy medicine to both themselves and others.

    Topics include:

    • History of Energy Healing
    • The Breath – Learn the secret of the Essenes Protection Breath
    • Understanding the Auric Field & Implications Health & Wellness
    • Energy Centers and their Functions
    • Sensing Energies – Develop your Ability to sense Energy “Blockages”
    • Distant Healing – Understand the Way to send Energy to people not physically present
    • Tapping into the Healing Potential of your Mind
    • Attunement for Energy Healing – Learn to Ground and Protect your Energy
    • Vizualization & Meditation in Action
    • Practicalities and Preparation for a Healing Session
    • Healing Practice using a Chair
    • Responsibilities of Being an Energy Healer
    • How to Run a Healing Circle
    • Code of Ethics
    • Childhood Influences on Personal Balance and Adult Life
    • Self Healing – Removing “blockages” within ourselves

    Module 2

    Builds on the foundation of Module 1, moving to a higher level of learning new skills and techniques and a greater understanding in order to help your patients achieve balance, harmony and health in their lives.

    Topics include:

    • Healing Practice using a Massage Table
    • A Wider Look at Meditation – Learning different meditation Tecniques
    • Changing Beliefs and Patterns – Understanding how to overcome Limitations
    • Accentuating the Positive
    • Why some people Don’t Heal – and how they can.
    • The Power of Forgivenes – A powerful method of letting go of the past.
    • Reincarnation & Karma
    • Levels of Communication – Improving our Skill Level
    • Cording and DeCording
    • Sound and Movement
    • Healing into Death & Dying
    • Color – Understanding the Vibrational difference Color makes in our Lives
    • The Language of Illness
    • Vizualization in Health & Healing
    • Creative Health & the Nature of Disease
    • Patterns in Life & Health
    • The Healing Path.

    2011-2012 Fact Sheet

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