Equipment and Facilities

If equipment is necessary for training it is specified under Tuition in this catalog.

Housing, transportation, books, necessary supplies, materials, shop fees, or other fees the student will incur upon enrollment are not included in the cost of training unless specifically specified in this catalog.

We do not offer dormitory facilities and are not responsible for securing your housing, however, we will recommend housing reasonably near our facilities. You are responsible for calling for pricing and availability and securing your room and board.

Note –

Authority cited: Sections 94803, 94877, and 94885, Education Code. Reference: Sections 94885 and 94909, Education Code.

Textbooks and Reading List

Books and reading materials are not included in the tuition unless specified under Tuition.

All textbooks may be purchased from outside sources of student’s choice.

Transportation, Room & Board

Not included.

Payment Schedule

Students are required to pay for the full program at the time of registration, unless financing has been arranged.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are charged for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a student file. Registration fees must accompany the Application for Admissions. Applications received without the required fee will not be processed. A separate registration fee is required for each program. Registration Fees are Non-Refundable. Students who have completed one program and are applying to an additional program will be charged an additional registration fee.

Late Registration Fee

A late application fee of $50.00 applies when a student’s application materials, including official transcripts and letters of recommendation, are not received 30 days before residential classes start.

Note –

The California College of Natural Medicine reserves the right to make any changes in tuition, refund policies, fees, and expenses without notice, within statutory guidelines.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be arranged for trainings according to credit history. A $45.00 non-refundable credit report fee is mandatory.

We also accept MasterCard and Visa payments, unless you choose a finance program.

Except for those fees specified above, there are no other fees for equipment, housing, transportation, books, necessary supplies, materials, shop fees, or other fees the student will incur upon enrollment from The California College of Natural Medicine.

Student Disclosures

For Continuing Education Trainings, any written contract or agreement signed by a prospective student shall not become operative until the student attends the first class or session of instruction, or received their password and ID for their class.

Employer Assistance with Tuition

Many employers underwrite programs to assist employees with their education expenses. CCNM encourages students to seek educational assistance from their employer. The College will gladly prepare any reports or other information necessary to meet the requirements of such programs.

Award of Credit for prior experiential learning

We do not award credit for prior learning unless you are a licensed health provider; you would fax in your license and degree and we would assess the amount of credit you are to be given toward a training.


NO scholarships funds are available.

Cancellation Period

The cancellation period is considered up to and including the first day of the residential classes. The cancellation period for the online classes is up to the creation and advice of a password for each course. All requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Chief Academic Officer, Theresa Dale, at CCNM’s mailing address.