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Module 1: Distance education is online and available immediately upon enrollment acceptance when you login.

Module 2: Residential Seminar – (Two Days hands-on, 16 hours)

Pre-requisites – For Health Providers

Testing – After completion of Module 1 and before the Certificate is issued.

Our medical system often times does not promote the education of patients about all of their choices for healing. Furthermore, patient’s health challenges, whether chronic or acute, are usually not energetically tested for the complete cause of their symptoms. Often time, they are looking to get out from under the label of a disease so that they can heal. Many times, their health condition morphs and symptoms drastically changes. They become addicted to their medication and possibly taking incorrect dosages or medication that is not tested on them for accuracy, therefore, merely acting as a band-aid not a cure.

The missing key is the practitioner who is using the methodology from the Neuro-Endocrine & Anti-Aging Regulations training (N.E.A.R.). The N.E.A.R. methodology allows the provider to contact the body’s innate intelligence to find the exact cause of any disease and create a protocol for repair and regulation. Finally, there is a training that opens the portal to accurate information, empowering the patient’s compliance in their healing program.

Who can take this training? This training is for existing health providers only!

Instructor: Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP

Module 1.

Module 1 includes the comprehensive seminar presentation and protocols on Audio and PowerPoint. This is available after your enrollment is completed and login. After completion of Module 1, there is a test and after passing you would be eligible to move on to Module 2, which is residential.

Module 2.

This residential class includes two-days of hands-on advanced NeuroPhysical Testing. The technique includes therapy localization; finding the cause of any illness including dental testing. Due to this intensive module it is not recorded. These two days will include your hardcopy workbook and Q & A.

Note there is a 10% product discount at the event. Our products are non-GMO, no fillers, binders, excipients, radiation, or flow agents.

  • Learn to find the Root Cause of any Illness; how to reverse Biological Aging.
  • 5 Element Saliva Test & Wellness Program: Test 5 Cortisol Times with Meridians, Organ Relationship, Insulin, 170H Progesterone, Parasites, Food Intolerances, LH, FH, and all Hormones.
  • Homeopathic, Nutritional & Herbal Formulas to Regenerate, Desensitize and Balance the Hormonal and Neuroendocrine Axis.
  • Learn Detoxification Protocols.
  • Learn Menopause & Andropause Protocols.
  • Learn the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway Protocol.
  • Learn the Methylation Regulation Protocol.
  • Learn an advanced Hands-On Testing Protocol that will enable assessment of the precise treatment, dosage and length of Therapy.
  • Awaken the Endocrine System after HRT/BHRT.
  • Address specific Pathology.
  • Reading the Signs of Physical & Mental Nutritional Deficiency.
  • Healing the Thyroid and HPA Axis.
  • Mind Body Meridian Healing.

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