What is NeuroPhysical Reprogramming?

What every doctor should know and every patient wants!

Learn a reproducible hands-on protocol that bypasses the conscious mind leading you to the core of the illness, on any level. NPR offers a protocol that changes the way you think and feel. You learn to locate and release genetic predispositions and change DNA memory.

You will learn to accurately pinpoint the causal energy pattern of any life condition, determines its location in your body then allows you to permanently release it. Dr. Dale’s research indicates that there is a holographic blueprint of all of your experiences, identities and beliefs stored in each cell. By contacting cellular intelligence, you will locate and eliminate the precise core identity and belief – transforming the cellular blueprint and reestablishing healthy cellular communication.

Learn an advanced form of kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine the biogenesis of the condition and a protocol to locate and release resisted emotions, belief systems and identities that are stored in the body creating abnormal meridian flow and disease.

NeuroPhysical Reprogramming Protocol

  • Is the only healing protocol that utilizes Dr. Dale’s exclusive homeopathic filters to accurately test yourself and others.
  • Allows you to explore DNA consciousness; locating and eliminating sabotaging energy patterns that create illness and depression, as well as, assisting in the re-engineering of the psyche and the rejuvenation of the physical body. NPR profoundly embraces spiritual psychology and mind / body healing, encompasses non-invasive methods that assist healing the core of any illness, on all levels of consciousness.

NPR’s five-element protocol includes accurate testing, and therapy localization; incorporating various techniques to assess health issues occurring in the body’s chemical, structural and electro-magnetic systems. You will learn to test reflex points, along with dental health issues, the immune system, identify scar tissue blockage, genetic predispositions, immune dysfunction and supplements.

The following topics will be discussed along with protocols for each topic…

  • Transforming the DNA
  • Stress and Aging
  • The 9 Causes of Neuro-Endocrine Breakdown!
  • Inherited and Acquired Toxins
  • How to Identify, Assess and Transform Stress!
  • Redesign the Biological Computer
  • Rejuvenating the endocrine computer
  • Balancing all hormones, and neurotransmitters without the use of medications or hormones.
  • Homeopathy: The Basics

Regaining Attention and Focus: Have you ever had the experience of day dreaming or withdrawing? Do you have clients who suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder? Get ready for the most fascinating, revolutionary tool to propel you into a new understanding and experience of complete and permanent release of creative blocks, struggles and suffering. In addition, you will learn how to shift any existing reality instantaneously.

Detoxify Obsessive Behavior Patterns: Dr. Dale developed this procedure in 1988 and has used it successfully since then to free the cellular memory of all types of drugs and addictive patterns. Since the drug itself was used to experience another reality such as relief from pain, the resistance to the original condition is still stuck somewhere in the body. Now, through this procedure you can easily detoxify life long addiction or obsession related to illness, relationships, drugs, substances, food, etc.

Goals: The method used is unique and effective in assisting goal manifestation. Help clients to focus 100% attention by uncovering sabotaging neuro-physical patterns that sabotage optimum health and wellness.

Neuro-Emotional Remedies: Theresa Dale has researched and developed high potency homeopathic remedies based on the acupuncture meridian system and the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. In the Holistic Health Practitioner Training each new student will receive one complimentary set (13) of Neuro-Emotional Remedies® along with training.

Shape-Shifting: A new method of stilling the mind and working on patients in a neutral zone, while deepening the connection to your innate cellular intelligence giving you the ability to choose your feelings instead of being controlled by them.

Alignment and Creation: An incredible process to determine the degree to which you are aligned with your goals. Have you ever wondered why some of your goals manifest and others don’t? Be aware that if you are not 100% aligned with your goals, subconsciously and consciously, they may not manifest. Now you can learn to locate and eliminate the hidden saboteurs lurking in your subconscious mind.