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Certificate Program

Format –Online Training

Total Hours –500

Completion Time –6 months

Admission Standards and Prerequisites –Health Provider

There are no licensing requirements to take this educational training, however, entry is exclusive to health providers. When you enroll please send a hard copy of any certificates and/or degrees with the enrollment form.

Reading List

Educational Objectives and Description

Health providers and their patients/clients are seeking non-invasive effective and tested methods of pain relief and elimination related to a variety of health issues today. Moreover, since provider education is imperative in the effective usage of non-invasive, non-toxic (FDA Registered) bio-electronic wellness methodologies, this training assists providers in understanding the foundation, application, research and various methods in effective pain care and management at home and in the office. Education is via online articles, videos, research papers, and books (see reading list).

Instructional Method

This Online training is delivered via Text Outline for each Module, Reading List, Audio and Video

Module 1:

Introduction and Review of Foundational Sciences.

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Peripheral Nervous System.
  • Biochemistry
  • Naturopathic Toxicology
  • Taking a case
Module 2:

Foundation and Scientific Concepts

  • Schumann Resonance and the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Field related to the body’s overall mind-body wellness.
  • Morphogenic Fields: The morphogenic field is an organizing field that every living being has that helps determine how cells, plants, organs and organisms develop. In the 1920s biologists first proposed that biological organization must depend on organizational fields, sometimes called morphogenetic fields, that are inherited. Genes are part of this organization but genes only enable us to make particular proteins, turning on or turning off production of whatever protein they control.
  • The Traditional Chinese Five Element Theory. The relationship of physical health, pain, emotions, Acupuncture meridians and overall wellness.
  • Past and present research are integrated today globally to benefit overall wellness, release of pain associated with a variety of health issues. Electrical bio-modulation therapies continue to be researched and utilized today in hospitals and clinics in the United States and globally. Today, electrical bio-modulation equipment (non-invasive) and conducted by applying the alternating electrical fields to treat a variety of human diseases of epidermal, nervous, musculoskeletal, and digestive systems and also to relieve chronic pain.
Module 3:

Bio-Electronic Medicine; History and Research

Foundation, Inventors and History are presented. Science based non-invasive Bio-Electro-Medicine; its efficacy is documented world-wide for more than 100 years.

The following research and inventors are discussed related to the usage of Bio-Electronic Medicine.

  • Nikola Tesla: Research and Inventor
  • Royal Rife: Research and Inventor
  • Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig’s, Diplomate Physicist: Research and Inventor
  • Dr. Fritz Popp, Biophysicist: Research and Author, Bio Information
  • The Body Electric: Author, Robert O. Becker
  • Reinhold Voll, MD: Inventor of Electro-Acupuncture
Module 4:

Modern Bio-Electronic Stimulation Devices and Modalities: Using Frequencies as Medicine.

  • The history of the using frequency currents (energy, frequency, vibration) for pain and enhanced wellness and the modern-day advances in FDA approved bio-electro-medicine equipment.
  • Neuromuscular and nerve stimulation
  • Light Therapy,
  • Sound Therapy,
  • Basic Homeopathy,
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF),
  • Soft Laser,
  • Neuro-Feedback Therapy and Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS).
  • Learn specific application, duration of treatment and protocols for using various types of bio-electronic equipment to address pain based on clinical research.
Module 5:

Addressing Pain Related to a Majority of Health Concerns Today!

  • Locating the root cause of any pain and health condition.
  • What type of pain related health conditions can non-invasive Electro-Medicine address?
  • Neuro-Physical Testing to determine the correct frequencies (non-invasive) for optimal results.
  • Supplemental Nutritional or Homeopathic support proven to alleviate pain.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet; Using Food as Medicine.
  • Examples of non-invasive, non-toxic and FDA approved equipment available today for pain; research and efficacy.
  • Videos and audios for using non-invasive, approved equipment, methodology and application.
Module 6:

Addressing Pain Related to a Majority of Health Concerns Today!

  • Contradictions, Dangers and Precautions for using any equipment.
  • Billing and CPT Codes

Online and residential classes

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To be eligible for STRF, you must be a California resident and reside in California at the time the enrollment agreement is signed or when you receive lessons at a California mailing address from an approved institution offering correspondence instruction. Students who are temporarily residing in California for the sole purpose of pursuing an education, specifically those who hold student visas, are not considered California residents for this purpose.

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